Travel Retail is a global stage & needs specialist expertise to understand it’s Operations.

Dubai International Airport is considered the world’s busiest Airport and we are one of the leading Promoter Management Agency to work in coordination with them since 2012. We work exclusively with Dubai Duty Free (DDF), Dubai World Central (DWC) Abu Dhabi Duty Free (ADDF) and Sharjah Duty Free (SDF) to provide our Clients with world class Promoter Management Services with an experience to showcase their Brand to the World. Our selection of Sales Promoters is a blend of different nationalities, culture, gender & multilingual, (including Arabic, Chinese, French, Italians, Russians & Asians). Our sales staff are flexible to work as per the requirements of the Brand and the Airport. They are well groomed, hardworking, energetic, self-motivated & well trained in customer service skills to handle any type of passenger/traveler query. They work in coordination with the Airport Authorities and the Duty-Free Management Team and follow a strict pattern of Work & Break..

 We take care of both short and long term activations within the Travel Retail Market by providing the right guidance to our Clients for completing the necessary documentation for the on-time activation of their Promotional Campaign. This includes DDF Approvals, Promoter & Client Badge Applications, Promotional Merchandise, Brand Training, Promoter Schedules, Sales & Performance Reports, Brand Targets, Customer Feedback Report, Promoter Sales Evaluation Report, Promoter Biometrics, Marketing & Data Analysis for calculating the marketing ROI and any other Services required as per the Client. We believe in providing tailor made solutions to our Clients and anticipating their needs as well as providing a challenging and flexible environment for our staff.

Display Design, Stand Fabrication & Installation in Duty Free Locations: –

Abstract Marketing is a one stop solution for International Clients. We undertake the responsibility for the complete process starting from Stand Fabrication to Promoter Placements. This includes Designing, Manufacturing, Branding, Installation & Refurbishment of all types of Stands including Temporary & Permanent Display Animation Stands, In-Store and POP-UP Displays, Podium set ups, Wall & Window Branding, Shelf Branding or any other kind of customized Branding across Terminal 1, 2 and 3 included in Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D to be done as per the specifications of the Brand & the set guidelines of the Duty Free. We work in full coordination with Duty Free to get the approvals for the 3D Technical, Lighting & Electrical Designs within the necessary time frame. Operations begin thereafter.