Mystery Shopping is a method in which a person visits a retail store, restaurant, bank office or any such place with the goal of measuring the quality of customer experience.Many organizations outline detailed processes and parameters to assure that customers will have a pleasant experience in their businesses locations.

Some examples are:

  • – How customers will be greeted
  • – What is the maximum acceptable waiting time
  • – What should be the temperature of the facility
  • – How many products should be on display etc.

To assure that these methods is followed, these organizations hire Mystery Shopping Services Agencies to carry periodic reviews on their places.

The mystery shopping Agencies hire people who meet the target customer profile, give them a questionnaire for recording their experience, and train them on how to measure different parameters. These persons is called a Mystery Shopper. These mystery shoppers then visit the place posing to be a customer and make careful record of items they have been asked to measure. The data is reported to the mystery shopping agencies, who gathers and analyzes data collected from different places to help their clients measure and improve their customer experience.

Mystery shoppers are normally freelancers or people who do this on the side, and are paid a fee to carry each mystery audit. If the review involves purchasing or using anything – the mystery shoppers are usually given a full or partial payment of the money they spend as well.


The development of startegic business and/or marketing plans, incluidng development and selection of marketing sub categories


The actual implementation of the marketing activities ranging from product development to advertising, public relations, sales promotions, business development programs, and website development and promotion.


The measurment and assessment of the level of success to the marketing strategies and programs.