Google is a company that is recognized as the frontrunner of technological innovation. Google Glass is one of the latest technology that is evolved by the company and yet to be developed fully- a pioneering product from Google. The company came out with a POV video that went viral. Surprisingly, it captured the imagination of everyone- taking them into the dream world of the technology of the future. The Google Plus Page of the project keeps on posting updates on the same project. It is indeed an innovative way to reach out to the target audience. A good example on BTL (below the line) marketing services.

We at Abstract, resort to such BTL services for our customers. Our services are not only down-to-earth, but have got a hands-on-approach and one that is direct and establish a brand relationship with the individual customers. Our BTL services are totally unconventional in nature and are executed at micro-level and are non-media type of communication.

We will render these services on dropping leaflets in specific areas and also Google AdWords campaign that target a focus group. Moreover, the BTL services are more of a one-to-one communication with the target audience – through the brand pamphlets, stickers, handbills and other promotional activities. They also include Brochures that can be placed at point-of-sale on the roads between banners and placards. They may also involve samplings and product demos arranged near busy malls and marketplaces near residential complexes.

These types of services are more effective when the customers face issues and are unable to establish a brand connection with the consumers. They fetch higher level of ROI than any other form of services. BTL services make more sense when the target group is a niche. We also conduct email campaigns and extensive telemarketing with various targeted groups.


The development of startegic business and/or marketing plans, incluidng development and selection of marketing sub categories


The actual implementation of the marketing activities ranging from product development to advertising, public relations, sales promotions, business development programs, and website development and promotion.


The measurment and assessment of the level of success to the marketing strategies and programs.