ATL & BTL companies refer to two different styles of marketing companies, principally in advertising marketing and communication. ATL stands for Above The Line, suggesting that the advertising is working to deploy to a broader target audience, e.g., radio, television, or billboards. ATL is most appropriate when a product-focused for a broader spectrum of customers, for example, a soft drink business might connect an ATL advertising company to develop ads targeting broad range customers. BTL, or Below The Line recommends that the advertising must be working to target a specific group of potential consumers. BTL advertising companies will be hired to help organizations to create ads and advertising strategies directed to particular groups of people, using tools like direct emailing, or direct product demonstrations for one specific group of people, like giving away vitamin samples at the door of a famous gym.

The development of startegic business and/or marketing plans, incluidng development and selection of marketing sub categories


The actual implementation of the marketing activities ranging from product development to advertising, public relations, sales promotions, business development programs, and website development and promotion.


The measurment and assessment of the level of success to the marketing strategies and programs.