More than 1000 of business, every year paying mystery shoppers to go into their stores and conduct secret shops to help business to understand the challenges and get better at their customer services. Regardless of business type, mystery shoppers work in various industries. If a business deals directly with customers or clients, mystery shoppers can help to give insight as to how to improve.

Customer satisfaction and experience

 Businesses are focusing on what customers think when they walk into their stores, go through the purchasing process and leave the counter with the items they bought. Mystery shopping gives businesses an insight into the customer experience that can be further used to measure customer happiness. It is essential when trying to find ways to innovate and grow a business customer base. Mystery shoppers reports help business to find out the missing information about their business.

Employees audit

 Mystery shopping provides insight into how employees are interacting with customers when a supervisor is not around. Mystery shoppers tasked to communicate with specific employees and providing the business with the names of the employee they interacted. It helps to ensure that all of the store’s employees are carrying themselves in the best way and giving the outstanding experience to customers.

Future employees and training

 Apart from getting information about current employees, mystery shopping can give businesses insight that can help to hire and train future employees. The information gathered can also help business to improve their training method by knowing areas where employees lacked skills or competencies.

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Wilbur De Sousa is the Founder of Abstract, a Marketing Consulting Agency and a frontrunner in Marketing Consultancy with over two decades experience.

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