Measure your Customer Experience and improve your Company Services!!

We assist you to conduct Mystery Shopping or Bench marking your Company by phone call audits and Online Customer Service Surveys. 

This Service checks on your staff performance, keeps your clients satisfied, increases sales performance, customer loyalty and beats your competitors. We provide this experience across the Travel Retail & Domestic Markets, Government Depts, Banks and Hospitality Sectors. We have a great team of Mystery Shopping Experts who are proactive, use intuition, integrity, accuracy and honesty to complete the assignment in secrecy within the expected time frame of the Client. We prepare our reports with full transparency and details as required by the Company. We include various ways to counteract our customer by approaching them politely, asking them questions related to the Job, taking photos from all directions, monitoring their customer interaction process, checking their brand knowledge, Identifying their strengths and weaknesses towards their Job, their grooming standards & punctuality and overall performance.      

We make it a point, if we take up your project, be sure it will be completed.  

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