Channel management is a marketing method for choosing the most effective way to market your products and services. Analyse the effects of channel management by understanding and measuring share of the market, the volume of the sales via the specific channel, changing expense of going to market via particular channels, and customer satisfaction comparative analysis of all channels.

Understanding market share

You can increase the market share by selecting the most effective channel for your product and focus resources on that channel. You can analyse the channel management effect by selecting more than one channel, examining results and ultimately selecting the method that gives maximise ROI.

Analyse and manage costs

You can analyse the channel management effect by selecting more than one channel, examining results and ultimately selecting the method that gives maximise ROI. Measuring the costs of each channel is essential to understand its profitability, comparing and making well-founded commercial decisions. Each channel cost different management cost. You can break your marketing channel into subset to analyse the results and optimise the channel and approach for maximum benefit. Following is an example where you can break your marketing into direct and indirection selling and calculate the cost of each component to do a comparative analysis. Direct sales through a call centre Salesforce Calculate the cost of recruitment Employee benefits Training Marketing support Travel to understand the channel management expense. Indirect channels Costs of marketing and training product information Communications the discount you offer the channel Dedicated channel manager cost By analysing changes in your administration charges with the resulting volume of sales in the channel, you can recognise the most effective management strategy.

Managing sales funnel

Consumer choice can influence the number of sales through various channels. The most significant change for many businesses is the increasing interest to buy online. Monitor the changing number of sales via different channels as part of your channel management strategy. You can examine the effect of focusing management resource on channel growth by comparing sales.

Customer Satisfaction

You must assure that customers are happy with the quality of service they get through your channels. Follow through a customer satisfaction survey to understand customer pain points in a channel that requires a change in management strategy. If, for example, customers complain that waiting times for a call center are too long, take action to improve wait time. If customers are concerned that they cannot get technical advice from your distributors, improve the distributors’ product and technical knowledge. You can analyse the effects of customer service management initiatives by measuring changing levels of customer satisfaction.

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